ADR Germany

Mobility Made in Germany: The Next Generation of Artificial Discs

At the Sana Dreifaltigkeits-Hospital in Cologne, Germany, a renowned specialty hospital for orthopedic and trauma surgery, a highly qualified team of surgeons specializes in the implantation of artificial discs.

Our domestic and international patients value our high standards of medical care and choose our facility to replace their degenerated discs with high-tech protheses. Within a short time, these patients reclaim mobility of their spine.

We provide medical care of the highest standards. As our patient you benefit from state-of-the art medical technology, the expertise of highly trained doctors specializing in spinal issues, and from excellent, next-generation prosthetics.

The goals for our patients are:

  • to restore spinal mobility and strength
  • to stabilize the affected moving segment
  • to supply a true-to-nature, 3D artificial disc that mimics a human spinal disc
  • to provide normal shock-absorption, just like a natural disc
  • to restore the natural function of facet joints, muscles, and tendons

Please note that artificial disc replacement surgery is only indicated for patients whose back pain is caused by disc degeneration and not by muscular or joint issues. In order to determine whether artificial disc replacement is indicated, please complete our questionnaire.

It would be my pleasure to welcome you in our hospital in Cologne and have the privilege to surgically restore your mobility.

Dr. Biren Desai
(Chief of Medicine for Orthopedic Spine Surgery)