The City of OffenbachThe fifth-largest city in the German state of Hessen

Offenbach am Main, the fifth-largest city in the German state of Hessen, is located in the center of the busy Rhine-Main region, adjacent to the city of Frankfurt. It takes only a few minutes to reach Frankfurt’s airport, trade show grounds and banking district, and one of the largest shopping areas in Germany.

Offenbach’s attractive shopping center in the heart of the city and many exclusive specialist shops present a wide range of renowned manufacturers, international specialties and regional products.

Offenbach’s cafés and restaurants are diverse and colorful, and just as appealing as the extensive parks in the city center that invite you to take time out and relax.

Offenbach – a small, charming city that is lively and international, with a mix of historical and modern architecture, a lively arts scene and lots of culture, large festivals and markets, and numerous special experiences and leisure activities.

Offenbach – a loveable city!