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Department of Urology and Pediatric UrologyHigh reputation reaching far beyond the Rhine-Main region

The Department of Urology at the hospital in Offenbach has had a high reputation for many years, reaching far beyond the Rhine-Main region. With the appointment of its new director Prof. Dr. Michael Lein the urological department sets new standards especially in the field of minimally invasive urology, combining conventional techniques and modern innovation.

With 66 beds and approximately 3500 patients per year the urological department counts among the biggest of its kind in the federal state of Hesse and, after it moved into the new built hospital in June 2010, it is also the most modern one. Professor Michael Lein had been an expert of minimally invasive therapy at the Charité Hospital in Berlin for many years and helped to develop the technique.

The main activities are

  • Therapy of malignant urological diseases such as cancer of the prostate, kidneys, and urinary bladder.
  • Endoscopic surgery for stone diseases, bladder cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia
  • Minimally invasive procedures as standard in the treatment of important cancer entities in addition to open surgery, for instance in surgical treatment for prostate cancer
  • Most modern and innovative methods of radiotherapy for prostate cancer (e.g. interstitial HDR brachytherapy) carried out by urologists and radiologists together
  • Lymph nodes can be removed using the “keyhole” technique to determine the tumor spread before starting radiotherapy
  • Histological  examination of the lymph nodes removed the area exposed to radiation can be adapted to the extension of the cancer
  • For resection electric loop, holmium laser, green light laser
  • Electric shock wave lithotripter of the latest generation
  • New low-level radiation endoscopic tables for urological diagnosis and treatment
  • The entire equipment of minimally invasive surgery too.
  • The equipment for video-urodynamical measurement for basic diagnosis especiallyinvolving cases of urinary incontinence.
  • The insertion of tension-free tapes
  • The field of andrology and reproductive medicine, from erectile dysfunction to surgical therapy in cases of desire for a child (e.g. TESE) by microsurgical techniques

A close cooperation with the department of radiotherapy of the hospital in Offenbach has existed for many years. At the department of urology in Offenbach patients can benefit from the entire spectrum of the most modern procedures of diagnosis and therapy on the basis of great experience.


Prof. Dr. (FEBU) Michael Lein

Prof. Dr. (FEBU) Michael Lein
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