Tips for visitors

Welcome to the Paulinenkrankenhaus

You are an important care partner for a patient, which means you are vitally involved in their treatment being successful. For that reason, we will include you in organising their treatment, as far as you are able and bearing the patient’s wishes in mind.

You know your sick loved one, their habits and needs much better than we do. So the information you are able to give us is valuable when we are taking their medical history and planning their treatment.

Helpful to know:

  • If you have any questions about the course of the patient’s treatment, please contact the ward staff.
  • To make appointments (for example to speak to the responsible Senior Consultant) please ask your contacts at the hospital.
  • Please make appointments with the Chief Physician via the office.
  • Our public relations officer will be happy to answer any other questions (for example about the accommodation or the elective services).

Send a kind word to your family members

Using our “patient greeting” service you can wish a speedy recovery to family members or friends who are receiving in-patient care from us. Simply fill in the form, and we will deliver your message immediately. Send now a patient greeting. Patientengruß.

All the important information in one folder

Our digital patient folder contains all the important information for patients and their family members. You can download the folder simply and conveniently. Download patient folder