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Indidividual Treatment and ServicesThe carefree package for your stay

The Sana International Office offers excellent service to ensure that your medical travel is as pleasant as possible for you and your family. Specially trained case managers are available to assist with every step - from receiving your request to arranging your medical treatment in Germany. Our staff is fluent in English, Russian, and Arabic, to make sure you will always have the right contact person. For general information or immediate treatment inquiries, please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to your message.

We will assist with the organization of your stayOur services for you and your family

We are happy to support you and your family in organizing your medical travel and stay. At the Sana International Office, we offer various services geared to international patients. The secure and legally compliant use of your data is ensured by us through appropriate data protection measures. If you have any specific needs or special requests, please let us know - we gladly assist.

  • Culturally experienced staff as your first point of contact
  • Bedside wards with special comfort and amenities
  • Multilingual patient support at each hospital
  • Culturally adapted menus (halal, etc.)
  • International media (TV, WLAN)
  • Acceptance of all common credit cards
  • Transportation to/from international airports

Play your stay at SanaHow to get medical treatment

1. Receiving your request

Please send us your request to international@sana.de. In order to process your request in the best possible way, please provide us with up-to-date and accurate information about your current medical condition, complaints, previous diagnoses, and treatments. For a secure transmission of medical documents, we will gladly provide you an upload link. The proper administrative processing of your request as well as the assistance of your treatment requires the collection of your data, for which we kindly request your consent to the processing of your transmitted data.

2. Individual treatment plan and cost estimate

Subsequently, we forward the information and medical data you have provided us to the appropriate healthcare facilities. The most suitable expert for you individually will be identified, and will draw up a specific treatment plan on this basis, if therapy is possible. Furthermore, you will receive a non-binding, detailed cost estimate showing the cornerstone data of your hospital stay as well as the expected costs. Our prices are based on the German DRG system (German Diagnosis Related Groups) and the German scale of fees for physicians (GOÄ) and are presented transparently for you. The costs may be covered by your insurance if applicable. 

3. Organization of your medical travel and hospital stay

If you decide to be treated in one of our excellent hospitals, we will schedule your hospital stay in consultation with you. In addition to the medical appointments, we will also organize the administrative part of your stay, e.g. visa matters, accommodation for your accompanying person, transportation, etc., or will gladly assist. For a smooth organization, we transmit the data and information necessary to the healthcare facilities and external service providers.

4. Medical treatment in our Sana Hospitals

Once all travel arrangements have been completed, we look forward to welcoming you to our Sana Hospitals for your medical treatment. During your stay, patient support staff in English, Arabic, and Russian native languages will be available to assist you upon request (for a reasonable fee). Your medical data are processed in the hospital - for preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, curative, and after-care reasons as well as for the administrative handling of your medical care. In order to provide you with the best possible assistance and treatment, we also forward necessary data to our external service providers, e.g. for laboratory services, transport services, to provide a patient care assistant, or to translate medical documents. This way, we ensure that everyone involved has the right information to make your treatment and hospital stay as simple and straightforward as possible.

5. Discharging from the hospital

After your treatment, you can leave the hospital according to plan, unless something unforeseen occurs. Upon your discharge, you will receive your discharge documents, which can be translated from professional translation service providers, of course, if needed.

6. Invoicing and, if necessary, follow-up

A detailed invoice will then be issued. In order to settle your treatment and accommodation costs directly with your insurance company or payor, we forward the invoice documents to them. If necessary, we involve billing service providers so that the expenses can be settled quickly. Should any further questions or other matters arise, the Sana International Office will be at your disposal as usual.

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