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Sana Hospital Group is a group of world-class, award-winning private hospitals, outpatient and diagnostic centers spread across Germany. Sana is owned by the 25 leading German private health insurance companies, including Alliance Insurance Group, DKV and Signal Iduna. Founded in 1976, Sana Hospital Group is one of the leading providers of state-of-art healthcare services in the world, focused on providing clinical excellence and superior patient outcomes. It is an integrated healthcare delivery system with 54 hospitals and over 34.300 employees serving more than 2.2 million patients annually.

Ownership structure

Sana Hospital Group operates leading medical facilities, including internationally recognized university hospitals which guarantees top tier medical quality in a broad portfolio. In addition to our core business in acute medicine, the group owns such specialized facilities as rehab centers, nursing homes and outpatient centers. Sana is also known for its functional services delivered to more than 500 German hospitals, namely: central supply, sterilization, construction, catering, management and education, etc. Furthermore, Sana Hospital Group Purchasing works closely with authorities, investors and subsidiary hospitals, forming the largest German purchasing association. Due to this fact Sana has acquired a unique position on the German hospital market.


Sana Hospital Group is committed to delivering specialized medical care to the patients from all around the world. Furthermore, Sana Hospital Group treats patients from all foreign embassies and government ministries, in particular from Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North Africa. Sana Hospital Group is currently enhancing its medical services for foreign patients and partners. All Sana health locations are quickly accessible via Germany`s major international airports such as Berlin, Cologne, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich or Stuttgart.

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