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Welcome to the International Office

The International Office acts as a link between patients and cutting edge medicine.

On the following pages we will specify your personal contact and present our prestigious team of medical experts. Sana Klinikum Lichtenberg has superior competence and long-standing expertise in outpatient, inpatient and rehabilitative hospital care. Contact us to obtain your personalised treatment offer and cost estimate. We will also support your visa application and provide personal assistance on site.


Please state your enquiry as clearly as possible:

  • Which diagnosis/ illness/ symptoms do you seek treatment for?
  • Is there an infectious disease?
  • Do you regularly take medication?
  • Which surgical interventions did you already have?
  • Are there any illnesses in the family?

Please submit the following documents to our Case Managers to ensure swift processing of your enquiry:

  • Doctor’s letter in German or English
  • Medical imaging (e.g. MRT, CT, X-ray)
  • Laboratory results
  • Copy of passport
  • Release from medical confidentiality for third-party enquiries

Please forward your documents to our Case Managers

  • either by e-mail to
  • or by post to
    Sana Kliniken AG
    Marburger Straße 12-13
    10789 Berlin


Together with our prestigious team of medical experts, we will screen your documents and prepare a diagnostic plan/ treatment plan. The plan will serve as the basis for our cost calculation. This calculation will be an approximate estimate only. The actual invoice amount may be higher or lower depending on the course of the treatment. The final invoice will be prepared once the treatment is completed.

Advance payment

The full amount of the cost estimate must be lodged as a deposit on the specified account before the treatment begins. By arrangement, we also accept card and cash payments on the first day of the stay. We do not accept cost assumption guarantees issued by embassies, consulates, ministries, insurance companies, employers, etc. We apologise for any inconvenience that may arise from the fact that we cannot commence any treatment before the full amount has been paid.

Medical visa

If you require a medical visa for Germany, we will issue an invitation for your stay at our clinic. Please send us a copy of your passport and, where applicable, the passport of your accompanying person. Since the invitation must contain confirmation of payment of the treatment costs, we cannot issue the invitation before we have received the advance payment.

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International Office
Sana Kliniken AG
Marburger Straße 12-13
10789 Berlin

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